Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Starting a LinkedIn Premium Account

One of the biggest obstacles for getting started with a LinkedIn Premium account is not knowing what lies ahead and/or how you can manage the accounts as an organization.

It becomes a little complicated since individual users need to manage their own personal accounts and often need to pay upfront/expense with their own credit card, then print/turn in the invoices per month.

Don't worry - LinkedIn makes it very easy to sign up, track payments, and print monthly invoices.

First, access settings at the top right of your page when you sign in – A drop-down will appear when you hover over your name.

Once you are in your setting, look for the Upgrade link.

The next screen will present several account options for you to choose from. Choose which service best matches what you require based on a monthly or annual subscription.

If you are responsible for turning in monthly invoices, then the monthly subscription is likely a better option.

From here, you will need to input your card information into the form and place the order:

After you have finished your order, you will be prompted to a receipt that you can save/print for yourself & that receipt is most likely what you will be turning in with your expenses.

You can check/manage your account any time by accessing your settings again & selecting “Manage Billing Information”:

You can upload receipts whenever you need them by selecting “View purchase history”:

It will take you to your billing history which you can select and print individual invoices:

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