Sunday, June 9, 2013

LinkedIn Talent Finder Premium Accounts

All of the following videos can be found on LinkedIn's YouTube Channel

Once you have signed up for the premium upgrade to Talent Finder on LinkedIn, you can then gain access to the following video tutorials from the drop down "Account & Settings" at the top-right of the page.

In Account & Settings, you will see "Account Tutorials"

Profile Analytics
The first benefit explained is the ability for users to access deeper insights into who is viewing your profile, how they are finding you based on the keywords listed on your profile, and identifying what type of candidate market you are successfully reaching.

LinkedIn apparently did not add the video to its YouTube page, so I needed to use non-official video to help explain things a bit better.

Added Search Options & Improved Results
Depending on which level of premium search you choose, more search options will become available to you. For example, the Talent Basic option adds, Groups, Seniority Level, Interested In (type of contact the are open to receiving), Company Size, & Fortune (50, 100, etc.).

From what I have seen in my searches after adding this service, profiles that are not within 3 degrees of my network often appear in the results.

This is one of the most quantifiable benefits of upgrading to a premium account. Some of the most important points about inmail are excluded from the following video, so I will outline the number available per service level, per month.
- Talent Basic = 10
- Talent Finder = 25
- Talent Pro = 50

Unused inmail can be carried over up to 3x the monthly allotment, for example, 30 for Basic.
Unread or inmails that have not been responded to within 7 days will be refunded.

By saving searches, users have the option to be notified regarding new accounts that are created that meet that search's criteria. Doing this has obvious benefits for recruiters and is an invaluable service provided with the premium account.

Profile Organizer
My personal favorite function that is added with premium accounts is the ability to better organize profiles, connected or not. Recruiters can create a limited number of files, depending on service level (Basic/25, Finder/50, Pro/100 or unlimited) that categorize profiles by function or company.

Using this function has been exceptionally helpful for me in my sourcing efforts via LinkedIn and I highly recommend it to those that are serious about using LinkedIn.

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