Monday, May 6, 2013

Visually Enhanced LinkedIn Profiles for Talent Acquisition & Job Search

About 6 weeks ago, I noticed some changes had been made to my LinkedIn profile that allowed me to add additional media content to my profile. Previously, accounts had required applications from SlideShare, Box, etc. to allow for presentations & documents to be viewed/shared on/from personal profiles.

At one stage, I was able to add video to my profile by imbedding a YouTube video into a SlideShare presentation, then uploading onto my profile via the SlideShare app.

Over the course of the last year or so, LinkedIn has phased out the applications. This was partially due to LinkedIn's purchase of SlideShare and the acquisition of the technology included in the platform.

The following SlideShare presentations explain the changes that have taken place to user profiles and how each user can highlight their background, visually, to help themselves stand out, showcase projects/portfolios, and/or educate people about their work.

I learned that some users had a head start with this service, which was explained to me by a LinkedIn Sales rep in a comment within the HR Japan Roundtable LinkedIn group. The post can be found within the group (if you are a member) - HERE

So, I had already been playing with all the bells and whistles around this service before it had launched, which was awesome. As fast as I saw that I could do it, I embedded YouTube videos onto my LinkedIn profile. One example of a video that I had used was:

After adding some video content from my employer, Specialized Group, I began to add files that included job descriptions for our company openings. My next move was to start adding some of the image content that I had already posted on our company Pinterest account, such as; access maps, office photos, and other employer branding images that I believe help others (and even some of our own people that might pass by my profile) better visualize our company culture.

All-in-all, there have been many new functions that had been added to the updated LinkedIn profiles, but the most recent additions allow profiles to be more visually appealing & easier to gain the information that employers are looking for (HOW ARE YOU DIFFERENT) - The opposite scenario being that LinkedIn users can now show themselves off the way they would like, and have some fun doing it in the process.